Grace mercy and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We were blessed to receive rain the third week, not good enough to plough. The first day of the month was a blessing as we fellowship at Chinyamanhanzva church of Christ. We attended the funeral of sister Chigiya who was dragged by her daughter in law to another denomination because of her age. The church at Bazel attended a Sunday fellowship at Mupudzi church of Christ. The third week l was invited to preach at Hobho house church of Christ on the official opening of a borehole at Br. Mazenza's home. I hired Mr. Magodo to come and help us to clear all the rubble at the church site and land preparation. Together with my wife we visited three church members who were not feeling well and the other three family members who need to be strengthened. I attended a crucial meeting between the village head, preachers, and the Chief as well as the Rural District Counsel representatives. The fourth week l attended three tombstone placements at Maruru and ladies at Bazel left for a fellowship in town. I was invited to lead singing at Nyanyadzi church of Christ in Chipinge District.

I was challenged by the church members at Chinyamanhanzva as they hosted a three-day gathering using their own resources. Since l started preaching work it was their duty each and every year. I wish we could do it, but our limitations lie back on the finish of our church shell. After a hard task l carried out preaching in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping, we attended church services. My family followed me in the morning, church members did not come because of financial problems. We were 176, the giving was $60.  Br. Siwedi preached, Br. Matinyadze led singing and Br. Mvumi presided at the Lord's supper.

I thought sister Chigiya was 86,surprisingly she was 94, she passed on the 6th and buried the 7th. She was a full member of the Lord's church due to her old age she was dragged into another denomination church Evangelical by her daughter in law since she was taking care of her. I visited her several times until she left. Together with my wife and other church members we were present as l was offering prayers at the event. The same day we visited Muchiwanga home as they asked us to be present and giving final respect to our late member, sister Muchiwanga who passed on in 2009. l was present that day. Unfortunately, they were related to Chigiya family, and it was postponed to Sunday, but we agreed to be present at 14:00pm after attending church service. We attended church services at Mupudzi together with 10 members from Bazel. Br. Phiri preached, Br. Chinguruwe presided at the Lord's table and Br. Gushakusha song led. We agreed with the Muchiwanga family to wait for the church to come and do our duty but they left before 2pm as they advised us not to come and people complained and blame us but I repeatedly told them that they should not plan any event on Sunday it is the Lord's day unless it's funeral, no one planned it.

On the 15th l went to town at Destiny location where Br. Mazenza stayed a preacher at Hobho house. He had a very big water challenge and with the help of Healing Hands International the problem was solved. I preached about Victory and more victory Romans 8:34ff, people were touched with the message, Br. Mafusire song led and Br. Kamutambo presided at the Lord's table. We were 76 and the giving was $40. l find it necessary to rejoice together the gift of water they received surely they were seriously in need of water and the other residents nearby, people confessed with tears of joy on their lips. The church covered my transport expenses.

Sometimes I carried a heavy load on my shoulders, the work is hard for me in the day to day living, l looked for Mr. Magodo to come and work with me since two months ago at church at home he is quite helpful as we agreed to pay him the little we have, he agreed since in our country they are no jobs and the employment rate is low. The church yard is smart and looks good. We prepared the land at the church site, everyone is happy to look at our church, our great thanks go back to you brethren for the security you set on us.

On the 18th - 20th l visited sister Sarah Mapindu, aged 80. She was seriously ill. My wife and the church visited her several times. Sister Mandianike and Chitakatira were not feeling well. We visited her again and prayed for them all at the moment they are now feeling better. I visited another three families including Chitsiku, Mashayamombe and Gwizo.

On the 26th the preachers, village heads, Chief and the Rural District Counsel workers gathered at Chadambuka business center discussing in full how the rural people are not paying the leases. Our duty as preachers was to go and encourage people to pay tax and to pray for them. The money is paid through the village head, but these leaders are not honest with the government.

The fourth week the 28th l attended a tombstone placement of my aunt and her son, Dr Morgan Nyakabau. My aunt was a full church member at Maruru church of Christ. The late Dr got his first marriage and divorced due to misunderstanding and marrying a soldier who later killed him by poisoning after he divorced her. His death left him with nothing. Everything was grabbed by this soldier. The former wife now worked in the USA as a Physician and the family donated everything to make it to happen. It was well organized. Br. Tiani preached l song led. Sister Mandianike and my wife attended their ladies fellowship at Federation church of Christ the same day. Other church members did not attend due to financial reasons.

On the 29th l went to Nyanyadzi church of Christ to led music. My first-year attachment at a Bible College was held in this area at Nenohwe church of Christ under Br. Maambirwi . I accompany a Ndebele speaking colleague Br. Dumisani Mafu. I used to sing and interpret for him since he was not a Shona native. The people in the area requested my visit to sing at the district gathering the place is 80km east of Bazel. Br. Mambeu from Ngangu preached a very good sermon about the total submission to God. Br. Mushati was at the Lord's table, we were 184 and the giving was $50. l was given my transport expenses. My second-year attachment l was at Mashonaland West at Banket church of Christ, and my third-year attachment l was in the capital city Harare at Kambuzuma church of Christ.

I am wondering of sister Gamunorwa who backsliding without any time we spent together. The reason she did not come was that she didn't meet her pledge of $2 on the fellowship held at the church and another church member advised her not to come. We tried to convince her together with my wife nothing was heard. I scrutinize her and find out that she doesn't want to participate in the Lord's work in any way because l saw her with the husband buying expensive things but the little things to God was hard. It is our prayer if God gives them a lesson to know that he is to be worshipped.

Date Mushunje Bazel
  Att Giving Att Giving
15 4 1 58 8
22 3 0 55 9
29 4 1 44 7

Mushunje church is hurting me a lot to see its falling, a preacher is needed to help me the work or if I can get a means of transport which is reliable l will move every week to help the congregation grow. I think a preacher is necessary if there is something we can get for supporting him.

I want to thank you Brothers and sisters for the support you gave me and my family for the work we are carrying here may God bless you all.

Yours ln Christ

Simbarashe Gondo