Worship With Us!
What to expect

Bible classes start at 9:30

  • Children's classes are in the basement
  • There is a nursery class in the room at the back of the main auditorium.
  • There are usually two adult classes, one in the main auditorium and the other downstairs.

Worship starts at 10:30

  • Worship is in the main auditorium upstairs.
  • We begin our worship with a short welcome message, then we sing 2-3 songs before the main sermon. Song lyrics will be projected on the screen in the front of the auditorium.
  • During the sermon, you will hear the preacher mention a number of Bible verses. We encourage you to look them up for yourselves. If you do not have a Bible with you, you can use one of the links below to download a Bible app or look up verses on Bible Gateway. 
  • We observe communion weekly. It is an important aspect to our worship. If you do not wish to participate, you are under no obligation to do so.

After Services

  • After closing prayer, please stay and visit. We would love to get to know you.


If our parking lot is full, overflow parking is available at either property next to the building. The chiropractor’s office parking and the dentist’s office parking are all available for us. As the field next to our parking lot dries out it will also be available.

Meeting Times