Dear Brethren.

We hope that this report finds you all in good health.The month of March marked the end of first term school calendar in our nation. We thank God that he guided us through it.


We want to thank the Lord that we had a wonderful door to door knocking for the first two weeks of March. We knocked door at several homes and the welcome was fairly good. We distributed several Bible tracts. We hope to revisit the people we met in the second week of April,2023.


We are glad to announce to you that Tendai Shamu 20 year old young lady was added to the church on the 15 March,2023. Tendai was born a muslim but we want to thank the Lord for the decision she made. We have been studying with this young lady for the past three years. But both parents are not happy and this made the young lady to flee aways from her parents. She is currently at college. The parents told her that they are not going to pay her tuition fees. So pray for her.


On third of March, 2023 brother Neserbert Zvizveku a preacher at Mukamba Church of Christ and i visited Nyazura prison twice. We had an opportunity to share the gospel to inmates and to the staff there. Many of these inmates are interested to study World Bible School lessons or any other Bible crosspondence courses but we do not have any Bible courses.


Water is life and without it there will be no life. Thus the situation of our poor people at Mutungagore church which I am also working with. There is need for a bore hole at the church site. People in the community struggle to get fresh clean water.


We met for our Bible weekly study three times during the month of March, 2023. We have been studying the book of Jeremiah chapter one through chapter two. After each Bible study i would ask each person to drew out some application lessons.


I preached throughtout the whole month of March, 2023. Then adult Bible class on the first two weeks was taught by two visitors. Our average attendance was 16 -19 then our contributions for March was $30.


  • Pray for peace as we are approaching elections in our country
  • Pray for our mission work and my family.

Finally we want to thank you for your support and prayers.

In Christian love.
Nhamo Mumba and family