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Following the success of our first well project in Bazel Bridge, Zimbabwe, we are embarking on a second well fundraising project. This endeavor aims to provide clean water and alleviate the ongoing cholera outbreak in another critical area.

The Bazel Bridge Success Story

In 2022, we raised funds to dig a well in Bazel Bridge, Zimbabwe. This well has had a tremendous impact on the daily lives of the local community.

The New Project: Harare, Zimbabwe

The Vision

  • We aim to raise $10,000 for a well in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • This ambitious project will address critical needs:
    1. Fencing: Securing the property to ensure sustainability.
    2. Permits: Obtaining necessary approvals from village chiefs.
    3. Well Digging: Creating an 80-meter deep well.
    4. Solar Panels: Providing sustainable energy for the well.
    5. Pump Installation: Ensuring efficient water distribution.

Impact and Hope

  1. Cholera Prevention: Safe water is the first line of defense against cholera. With this well, families in Harare won’t have to rely on contaminated sources.
  2. Community Empowerment: Involving the local community ensures long-term success. The well becomes a shared resource, fostering unity and resilience.
  3. Nhamo Mumba’s Role: Nhamo’s commitment continues to inspire. His experiences from Zimbabwe underscore the urgency of this project.

How You Can Contribute

  1. Donate: Every dollar counts. Your contribution directly impacts lives.
  2. Spread the Word: Share this announcement with friends, family, and social networks.
  3. Pray: Lift up the project in prayer, believing in its success.


As the Oregon City Church of Christ extends its reach, hope flows like water—reaching those who need it most. Together, we can turn drops of compassion into life-saving streams for Zimbabweans facing adversity.