What To Expect

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...When You Arrive

As you approach the building, you will notice a number of parking spaces available towards the entrance of the building. They have been left there for you as our honored guest. When you enter, you will be greeted with a number of smiling faces, and any one of us greeting at the door would be glad to assist you with whatever you need, whether it is finding a Bible Class (for the Bible Class hour), or finding a seat and settling your children into the nursery (for the Worship hour). Don't worry - if you would rather find your own seats, you are more than welcome to do that, too! There are no assigned seats, and you can sit wherever you like.

...During Worship

Here are a few promises that we will make to you: You will not be embarrassed or singled out in any way. What we mean by that is simple: you will not be asked to stand and wave, or introduce yourself. You will also never be singled out because of who you are, or what you're wearing. We are a pretty casual group of people - some dress up in suits, while others do not. Wear whatever you want. God is interested in you, not your clothes.

The second promise we will make is that our worship will be simple. Why? Because New Testament worship is simple. There were no choirs, bands, skits, or flag dancers. New Testament worship is not about entertainment. We are not the audience. God is. We gather to worship, and He receives the worship. Therefore, we are committed to worshiping Him in the ways that He asks us to.

The first thing everyone notices about our worship service is that it doesn't use any form of mechanical instrumentation - there isn't a piano, organ, or band. We have chosen to omit these mechanical instruments from our worship for two reasons: first, because we don't find any evidence for God asking for the use of mechanical instruments in the New Testament, and second, we believe that God receives a greater blessing when we worship Him with instruments of his creation (our voices), instead of instruments of our creation.

Another thing that you will encounter when you worship is our weekly communion service. Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper (communion) on the night before he was crucified. Observing the communion is an important aspect to our worship. A cracker represents Jesus' body, while His blood is represented by grape juice. You are not under any obligation to drink the grape juice or eat the cracker. If you do not wish to - simply pass it along to the next person.

After the communion, we will take a brief opportunity to take up a collection. Again, you are under no obligation to give at all. In fact, we do not expect you to. As before, you can simply pass the tray on to the next person. During the sermon, you will hear the preacher mention a number of Bible verses. We encourage you to look them up for yourselves. If you do not have a Bible with you, each pew has a few Bibles available for you to use during the lesson. And if you don't own a Bible, that Bible is yours to keep as our gift to you.

One thing we do ask is that you take a few moments to fill out a blue visitor's card. You will find them available in a rack at the back of the auditorium. You can place it in the collection basket as it goes by. If you miss that opportunity, find one of our Deacons or other servants and give it to them after the services.

...After Services

When the worship time is over, please stay after, and let us get to know you better. And remember to please pick up your child at the nursery shortly after services conclude.