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Welcome to the Oregon City Church of Christ's song wiki. The purpose is to provide songs in English and Spanish to aid our Sunday morning song leaders in preparing their slide shows.


  • My Cantos del Camino page contains songs from the downstairs Spanish songbook that I've identified (Thanks to Eduardo!). You can search for the English title and it will show you the Spanish title. It only contains songs I could recognize. It's the first step in adding those songs to our collection.
  • I have tried to format lyrics for 40pt Arial with margins almost to the edges, which is why I line break where I do.
  • Tips for using this wiki
  • Tips for leading bilingual worship
  • What does that word mean? Check out the dictionary here, and add the words you don't know.
  • How is that pronounced? Check out the pronunciation guide.
  • Put the EMphasis on the right SYLlable. Check out accents and emphasis.
  • If your computer is set to a lower screen resolution, you can click here to use a different skin. You can click here to switch back. Or you could increase your resolution... :-)
  • NOTE: The song numbers are not currently all correct. The song numbers for most of the songs come from the numbers assigned them by Raúl and Kim Solís. Please double-check them and correct them where they are wrong.
  • I'm not sure how best to lay out the songs for copying/pasting to slideshows. We can have a discussion about this here.
  • ShineJesusShine is a good example of what my goal for how pages should look. I welcome your suggestions on this.