From Oregon City Church of Christ

Song: LoveLoveLoveLove

Love, love, love, love
The gospel in a word is love
Love thy neighbor as thy brother
Love, love, love


Peace, peace, peace, peace
The gospel in word is peace
Peace that passes understanding
Peace, peace, peace


Joy, joy, joy, joy
The gospel in a word is joy
Joy that fills to ever flowing
Joy, joy, joy


Christ, Christ, Christ
The gospel in a word is Christ
Love Him, serve Him and adore Him
Christ, Christ, Christ



Amor, amor, amor, amor
El evangelio es amor.
Ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo
ˇDios es amor!


Paz, paz, paz, paz
El evangelio es paz.
Paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento
ˇPaz, paz, paz!


Gozo, gozo, gozo, gozo
El evangelio es gozo
Gozo que se llena y nunca se acaba
Gozo, gozo, gozo


Cristo, Cristo, Cristo, Cristo
El evangelio es Cristo
Ámalo, sírvele, y adorable
Cristo, Cristo, Cristo

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