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Eduardo Gándara

Eduardo Gándara

Eduardo has served in Oregon City since 2008 as our Spanish language minister. He participates actively in services, leading singing and prayers, preaching and teaching Bible classes in Spanish. He's an integral part of Oregon City's ministry to local Spanish speakers.

Iglesia de Cristo

¡Escucha algunos sermones de Eduardo! / Listen to some of Eduardo's sermons

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Ron Murphy

Ron Murphy

Ron Murphy has been the pulpit minister at Oregon City since 1987. Ron has also served as one of our Elders since 1999. He has a wife, Lynn, and three faithful sons, two of whom are also members at Oregon City.

Listen to some of Ron's sermons!

Steve Haney

Steve Haney started as Associate Minister at Oregon City in December of 2014. He has a wife, Lynn, a son Ryker and a daughter Roslyn. His focus is the teens and young adults. Steve was an Intern Youth Minister here working with Ben Cook from Sep. 2008 to Sep. 2009.

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