Tips For Using This Wiki

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Thank you for using this wiki. These are some suggestions. They are only guidelines, and -- like every page in the wiki -- you can modify them as you deem appropriate.


  • Please use this wiki instead of your own collection of lyrics. If yours is better than the wiki (more verses, corrected typos, etc.), *change the wiki*. There's no reason for four song leaders (or more) to have four sets of the same information, each with its own errors. Better to have one set that we continually improve and expand.
  • Please be on the look out for spelling errors, incorrect lyrics, and other typos, and correct them where you find them.
  • Please use the lyrics in Praise for the Lord, because -- for the most part -- those are the lyrics people know and will sing if they have a song book. If you believe the lyric must be changed from PFTL, please note that on the page. Otherwise, when I spot the discrepancy, I'll correct it.
  • I will favor Cantos del Camino over other Spanish lyrics because it has the music matched to the lyrics. In some cases Eduardo has lyrics that are better: I will usually try to list both sets in those cases.
  • I keep the font for song lyrics at 40pt Arial. Because of that, I sometimes have to break up lines, and when I do, I try to break at a natural place in the music, or at least a break in the sentence. I try to avoid something like this:


When the trumpet of the Lord shall
sound and time shall be no more and
the morning breaks eternal bright and


Instead, I prefer this:


When the trumpet
of the Lord shall sound
And time shall be no more
And the morning breaks
eternal, bright and fair