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Ministries with a Mission
Small Groups you can join at any time

There are a number of opportunities to meet in a small group. These groups allow us a time of fellowship, but they also allow us to fill a purpose. These are ministries with a mission. If there is a different ministry that you’d like to be a part of that doesn’t have a group yet, please let one of the elders know. Our goal is for every member to be a part of a group. We will be adding more groups as needed. There are signup sheets available, mostly to let our group contacts know who is interested in joining their group.

Groups meet at the church building. Please confirm dates, times, and locations with contacts.
  • Building and Grounds - Sundays @ 2 pm
    Check with Allen Berreth for next meeting
  • Youth/Young Adult Planning
    Check with Steve Haney for next meeting
  • Singing at the Marquee - Sundays, 5 - 5:20pm
    CONTACT: David Headrick
    Address: 1680 Molalla Ave, Oregon City.
  • Missions
    Check with Dale Reynolds for next meeting
  • Activities group
    Check with Rachel Murphy for details of weekly events

C.A.S.T. Meets Mondays

CAST meetings are open to anyone who needs Christian support

CAST is a confidential Bible based 12-step group designed to help Christians identify, admit, and recover from debilitating problems caused by sin. Through a Biblical focus this group will show to those struggling, God's unwavering compassion, forgiveness and loyalty.

CAST is for those under bondage of any addiction a person has become powerless to control.

Anyone can come to any meeting. Please let Steve Partlow know in advance if you will be attending.