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Ministries with a Mission

Check out our "Ministries with a Mission", small groups you can join at any time. Find a new way to serve the Lord today!

Share Your Pix on Our Facebook Page

In an effort to perk up our Oregon City church of Christ Facebook Page, we need your help! If you are at a church-related event, fun family event or your child's athletic or musical or academic event and are taking pictures, pass them along to the church's email address so we can post them on our church Facebook page, or you can post them yourselves. Please use good judgment as to what you want to post, as this page is seen by many people who are not members at Oregon City.

Looking forward to seeing you on FB :-)

Submit a Question

One Sunday evening a month is our Question & Answer night, when Ron Murphy answers questions about the Bible submitted anonymously. It's an opportunity for you to clear up that confusing passage you read or help you answer a troubling question from a friend.


Ideas For The Church Website?

We have a few ideas for the church website, but we'd really like to hear yours. New features? Improvements? Any thoughts on what we're doing wrong or could be doing better are welcome! Contact us!

(Please note: Some features might be harder than they look.)

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Fill out a new I Can and Will Do sheet at church or submit one online if you're ready to try something new.