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At the Oregon City church of Christ, we love sharing worship, learning, fellowship, and fun. Everyone is welcome! so check out our bulletin for what's coming up soon.

These are some of our regular activities:

Weekly Events

Worship Services
This is one of the most important things the church at Oregon City does, and we encourage anyone who's curious about a church where you can be "Just Christians" to "Come and Discover." Click here to learn what you can expect when you visit us.
Bible Classes
The church at Oregon City provides Bible classes for all ages Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. There are two Adult Bible classes Sunday mornings: one in the auditorium, the other in the basement. See Dale (for Kids classes) if you have questions or click here for more information on meeting times.
Bible Busters
Ten fun-filled minutes of Bible learning beginning at 5:45 p.m. each Sunday before evening services. If your child can sit still for ten minutes they are welcome to join this session of songs and Bible drills. Children learn Bible basics and how to behave in worship.
Singing for the Elderly
We have a group who meets at a local convalescent center to sing. Everyone is welcome to join and your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping, please see David Reynolds for more information.
Elder's Prayer
Every Sunday at 5:15 p.m. the elders meet to pray. Anyone who would like to join them is welcome. They meet in Ronís office.

Monthly Events

Guest Speaker Night
On the first Sunday evening of each month our own men have the opportunity to deliver the sermon. See Ron if you're interested.
Ladies' Fellowship
The second Tuesday of every month, the ladies of the congregation get together for some fun, crafts, devotional time, and a snack. There is usually a hiatus during the summer months. Contact Jennie Reynolds if you have any questions.
Elders' Meeting
The third Sunday each month after evening worship. Individuals are welcome to bring any problems or concerns to the Elders at this meeting.
Deacons' Communication Night
The fourth Tuesday of most months the Deacons meet to talk church business with the Elders. They discuss accomplishments and plans, as well as where they need additional help or insight. There is usually a hiatus during the summer months.
Bible Question & Answer Night
Do you have a Bible question that's been troubling you? The last Sunday of each month our preacher answers questions about the Bible that have been put in our box in the foyer or submitted to him. Please have your questions in by the Wednesday before.

Yearly Events

While every year is different, these are some of the many annual activities we share:

Spring Banquet
At the Spring Banquet, the ladies of the congregation enjoy food, games, and pictures. Everyone brings salads and additional costs vary.
Memorial Day Picnic
Every Memorial Day, the church contends with Oregon weather for our annual picnic at Champoeg State Park. It's a potluck picnic and a day of games, fun and food. Bring your, folding chairs, games, sporting equipment, and favorite potluck foods, and don't forget to pray for sunshine! There is a fee to get into the park.
Every year we have our All Summer Bible Adventure. Instead of one week of Vacation Bible School for the kids, the entire congregation participates all summer long in classes, activities, and sermons organized around a central theme.
Harvest Party
In October, there's a costume party for the kids of the congregation, with games, snacks, and fun. It doubles as a Parents' Night Out, giving our parents an evening to themselves.
Parents' Night Out
Around the first Friday in December, helpers from the church provide babysitting and give parents the evening off.
New Year's Eve Party
Bring your snacks, games, and beverages to this no-host party every Dec. 31st and help us welcome in the new year with fun and fellowship.

Other Events

Work Days
Keeping up a church building requires a little help from everybody. There's no regular schedule, but every so often we get together and everybody pitches in to help with yard work and maintenance. If you're looking for a special project at the building to work on, contact Jim Bradshaw or David Reynolds.
TWO42 Groups
Sometimes it's nice to get to know each other in a more casual environment. TWO42 groups offer the congregation opportunities to fellowship in small groups in each other's homes. These usually temporarily replace Sunday evening worship services.
Clothing/School Supplies Giveaways
We collect clothing and school supplies (especially during the summer) for those in need. Usually in August (but often other times of the year), we open the doors of the church to give them away.