Cover 2020-03-01

Ron Writes

The God of Wrath!

Nahum begins with powerful words, “A jealous and avenging God is the LORD; The LORD is avenging and wrathful. The LORD takes vengeance on His adversaries, And He reserves wrath for His enemies. The LORD is slow to anger and great in power, And the LORD will by no means leave the guilty unpunished” (1:2-3).

Does the wrath of God bother you? Do you ever feel that you need to apologize for God’s wrath?

In Scripture God makes no excuses for His divine wrath as if it was a flaw upon His character. Wrath is needed. Judgment is God righting all wrongs! If you can’t get angry at the injury and injustice to the innocent, do you really love?

Wrath! It’s not ugly to want justice! For every abused child, and victimized adult; for everyone who has ever cried out in pain to God “Do something about this!” Whenever people are suffering unjustly, enslaved, brutalized, someone needs to stand up and say “God what are you waiting for?” Nahum wants justice! The book of Nahum has been called “The Great at Last!” Peter reminds us of God’s patience (2 Pet. 3), but he also reminds us of a day when God will right all wrongs. Judgment will come. Judgment will come and there’ll be no place to run, no place to hide. No one who hasn’t turned to God can escape His wrath. Paul declares that the resurrection gives witness that God will judge the world (Acts 17:31)!

There are those who picture God as an old gentlemen with a twinkle in His eye who couldn’t judge anyone. Then how do you explain the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, Nadab and Abihu, Achan, the destruction of Jerusalem, the fall of Israel and Judah? History declares the wrath of God. They got what they deserved.

The cross loses its meaning without an understanding of God’s wrath. We preach the Good News because “the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men” (Rom. 1:18).

For everyone who has ever been taken advantage of by being mistreated and abused – take heart! Be of courage! Be strong – there will come a day when God will right all wrongs!