Cover 2020-02-16

Ron Writes

Making God Look More Like Baal

All my life I’ve been flabbergasted by the idolatry of the OT Jews. How could they be so gullible? One generation after another tripped up by idolatry. How could they say “Baal is God.” Ancient images of Baal depict him as a human with a bull’s head. It defies logic. It was the god of all their neighbors. All around them everyone would be saying “Baal is God.” That’s what they’d be saying in the highest social circles, in the schools, at the marketplace. If everyone is saying it, pretty soon you’ll start. You’ll especially start saying it if that was the only way you could get ahead. If your job depended on it or the school you attended demanded it. You’d start if you were belittled, look down on and considered to be backward and out of touch otherwise.

Let’s put it in a more modern context. If all around you people are saying that the highest goal in life is to discover the “real, authentic you” and accept yourself. If you hear over and over that a boy can be trapped in a girl’s body. If we are supposed to see anyone who isn’t refined and sophisticated enough to teach atheistic evolution as being anti-scientific and in need of being expelled from the university. If you focus on the Marxist’s ideology that divides humanity into various social groups all supposedly opposing one another. If you’re told that Jesus is just a good role model for social reform. If you’re pounded with these ideas day after day, you might begin to embrace them. You might find yourselves looking for a Christianity that is more consistent with the ever changing values of American popular culture. You might be tempted to say “I know what the Bible says, but now we know better.” You might be tempted to make God look more like Baal.

Micah writes of the Gospel age; “Though all the peoples walk -Each in the name of his god, As for us, we will walk – In the name of the LORD our God forever and ever” (4:5). It reminds me of Joshua before him, “choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living: but for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” (Jos. 24:15).