Cover 2020-01-26

Ron Writes

With Liberty and Justice for All

God is just. God is righteous. These two things go together. The just seek to do the right thing.

The Bible Project ( has a good illustration. If I was a praying mantis it would be socially acceptable to eat my mate. If I were a honey badger I could have no regard for any other animal. If I were a panda with twins, I could abandon the one to take care of the other. If humans do any of these things it would be wrong. Unfair. Unjust. (BTW, there’s a problem with saying if animals do something, then it must be natural and okay).

Why? Because man has been set apart from all creation. Only people have been made in God’s image. Let’s put it another way, all people are made in God’s image. All are created equal. This is the foundation for justice. All should be treated with dignity and fairness – no matter who you are.

The problem starts when we try to redefine what is good and evil for our own advantage and at the expense of others. As the Bible illustrates, this happens at the personal level, family level, community level and national level. Justice calls us to treat everyone with value and respect, especially the weakest and most vulnerable. God is especially concerned that we protect and seek to help those who are powerless - as the orphan, widow and stranger.

Christians striving to reflect God in their lives must be people of fairness, justice and living right.

"But let justice roll down like waters
And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream
Amos 5:24