Cover 2020-01-05

Starting Today
By Ron Murphy
Cover article

Be honest. When did you last read a book like Habakkuk? Or Obadiah? Or perhaps the better question is "Have you ever read Obadiah?" or "Where do I find Haggai"? What can you tell me about Amos (and don’t say he’s Andy’s sidekick)? For some of us it might as well be the lost books, rather than the last books of the OT. No one ever asks, “Hey, when are you finally going to preach a series on the minor prophets?” Sometimes they are referred to as the “Book of the Twelve” because together they give us a united portrait of God. More often the term “minor prophets” is used to describe these books. Minor, not because they are less important, but because they are smaller in size than the “major prophets” such as Isaiah or Jeremiah. The most minor thing about the “minor prophets” may be their place in the life of the church today. However, these are books worth investigating. They are small, but mighty.