Cover 2019-12-22

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This?

At the end of each year, I try to pause and think of all the great memories we have been able to experience. There have been ups and downs, but through it all God continues to bless us. What is your greatest memory of 2019?

Do you remember the baptisms? Alexis Alcantara was baptized in Feb. Elizabeth Willow put on Christ in Apr.

There were some other births as well: Lincoln Bradshaw was born in April. Naomi Kaerste Headrick was born on May 22.

Lana Cox came to worship with us, but by the end of the year she married a preacher and moved to New York. Sam & Sheila Knipling were added to our number. We welcomed back Dana Bernhardt. Then we were joined by Mackenzie Nelson and her son Jack. Unfortunately we had to say farewell to our dear friends Kyle & Kristen Ruddiman and their two girls when they moved to Ohio and to Lary and Caryn Drake who moved to Troutdale. And we had to say goodbye until the resurrection to Billie Clark (Feb) and to Shirley Hutchins (Mar). These two ladies died in the Lord and left us great examples.

Our building had some new additions: There is new carpet downstairs. The teacher supply room was remodeled. And, don’t you really like the new glass front doors in the foyer.

Young at Heart has been fun. We visited around 8 different restaurants, topping 25 in attendance one month.

The ladies have been busy as usual. They have had special Bible studies, a Progressive lunch, Ladies Retreat at Camp Yamhill and one at Teri Brenckle’s cabin and a number of fellowship activities such as Bunco.

Our teens have had a great year! Their TNT here had over 200 in attendance. They did a mission trip/project at Agape Village helping to build homes for the homeless. We’re proud of Charlie Swalwell for all the backpacks he collected for Father’s Heart. Add to this numerous devotionals, fellowship activities and camps at Yamhill.

Continued next week...