Cover 2019-12-15

Ron Writes

Let’s Go To Family

Can you find in the NT where anyone “went” to church?

Francis Chan writes, “Try to imagine Paul and Peter speaking like we do today:

“Hey, Peter, where do you go to church now?”

“I go to The River. They have great music and I love the kids’ program.”

“Cool. Can I check out your church next Sunday? I’m not getting much out of mine.”

“Totally. I’m not going to be there next Sunday because little Matthew has soccer. But how about the week after?”

“Sounds good. Hey, do they have a singles’ group?” (Letters to the Church). Chan was trying to bring out the absurdity of reducing the sacred mystery of the church to a one-hour service we attend.

Paul addresses the church at Colossae as “saints and faithful brethren” (1:2). He speaks of “Timothy our brother” (1:1). He calls Tychicus who brought the letter “our beloved brother” (4:7) and he calls Onesimus the same thing (4:9). Toward the end he says “Greet the brethren….” (4:15). The appeal of the NT is that the church is what we belong to, not where we go. We are all brothers and sisters. We have a common Father in God. Jesus is our brother. We are family.

The Bible is filled with stories about family. Joseph forgave his brothers. When Moses felt inadequate, God sent his brother Aaron to help. Rahab hid the spies, but she also had a special request; she wanted her parents and brothers and sisters to be spared as well. When Jesus came, Andrew found his brother Peter. There is something special about brotherhood.

Do you treat church as something you do or as something you’re a part of?

“Hey, how was family? I had to miss this week, I’ve been really busy.”