Cover 2019-11-17

Ron Writes


Meet our new neighbors. Hope 360 Pregnancy Clinic is moving to a new location with a new name. They are moving to the property next to the church and will have the new name, Obria Medical Clinic. By joining Obria they will become part of a nationwide organization. This will allow them to expand the services they can provide that will compete with those provided by Planned Parenthood, except for abortion (and birth control). Their main thrust will remain to empower women to make a decision for life for their unborn child. They will be an accredited medical clinic that provides comprehensive reproductive medical care, including full STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, ultrasound exams, well women exams, UTI, BV and yeast testing , and consultations with a healthcare professional. They will have patient advocacy and practical support services for families in need.

Every day in Oregon, 24 people die from tax payer funded abortion. Every year 721 of these abortions happen here in Clackamas County. Nearly half of the first trimester abortions are happening with the “abortion pill,” RU-486 made available by Planned Parenthood. These pills are made available through online healthcare resources. By January, Obria will offer an alternative online healthcare resource aimed at helping women to make a decision that they will not regret for the rest of their lives.

As Obria plans to open next month, they met at our building with area religious leaders to give an update on their plans. The people behind Obria are motivated by a love for God and a firm conviction in the sanctity of life. We share these same convictions. They will be having an open house in January. I hope we can become familiar with this great resource and stand beside them in our fight for life.