Cover 2019-10-27

Ron Writes

Blessings and Challenges of Singing!

Singing is one of the great blessings from God. It moves us in so many ways. How wonderful that God chose singing as a way to praise Him and teach one another. Acapella singing is using the only instrument God has made—our voices. It’s beautiful. How great that we can all be part of God’s choir. It’s one of my favorite parts of worship.

We have a great building for singing. It is one of the best. As churches have gotten wealthier, singing has suffered. Modern conveniences can ruin the acoustics for good singing. Carpets and padded seats can dampen the sound. Some song leaders have us remain standing as we sing. That’s more than to keep us awake. They understand that the sound needs to rise above being absorbed by the seats and carpet. Another major issue that I personally have is that many of the newer church buildings have flat roofs and either at the suggestion of an architect or Satan they have placed acoustical tiles on the ceiling. I may sound like a curmudgeon here, but the music is just dead. The sound is absorbed by the tiles and the songs cease to breathe. The tiles take away the reverberation. When I go into a church building with acoustical ceiling tiles, I just want to turn around and leave. When I sit in these churches it’s not an encouraging place to sing. Huge amounts of money were spent for the seats, projector and microphones, but little thought is given to the effects some things have on our singing. Thank God we have a great place to sing!

Acapella means “in the style of the church.” There are challenges that come with acapella singing. We have some great song leaders here. Some wonderful worship leaders. They are prepared. They understand the profound importance that comes with leading songs. With no instruments it’s essential to start on key. You don’t have to be a musician to lead songs, but you should understand the basics. The notations at the beginning of a song are a symbolic language communicating a ton of information about how the song is to be sung. There is pitch and rhythm and notes for four part harmony. If you start too high, the sopranos can’t sing it and if it’s too low, you lose the basses. Not to be lost in the music are the powerful words we sing. How can we sing without a leader, and how are they leading if we can’t sing?

Singing is a great blessing, let’s try to remove any of the challenges that hinder us.