Cover 2019-10-06

Ron Writes

Two Kinds of Christianity

It shouldn’t be, but there are two types of Christianity.

One is inwardly focused. The person never feels good enough. They haven’t done enough, prayed enough, studied enough, given enough–enough...enough... enough. There’s always more to do and they never do enough. Not only this, but sin constantly plagues them. There’s that pet sin. They sin and promise to never do it again. But then they do it again and again – year after year after year. Some literally walk the floors at night. Filled with guilt. Overwhelmed by fear. They convince themselves that God could never love them or accept them. Never able to measure up, they turn their focus to others. They become judgmental. This type of Christianity that’s inwardly focused is both destructive and divisive. It’s painful to say, often preachers contribute to this neurotic Christianity. Preachers have been trained to end their sermons with “you can do better,” “you can do more,” “you need to repent” while reminding them that Jesus is coming soon.

The other type of Christianity is God focused. It emphasizes God’s goodness, God’s love, mercy, grace and His sacrifice on our behalf. Recently I read an article stating “bring your kids to church, they’ll love it. It’s the only place they can go and be themselves” (if it were only so). Kids need to know that they don’t have to be good enough, or smart enough, or athletic enough or talented enough to be loved. They don’t have to perform for approval because God loves them and values them because He created them. Their worth is not based on performance, but on God who makes them worthy. Don’t you think kids need to hear this more? More grace and less pressure. Don’t you think that Adults need to hear it too? Look at what God has done for you – how He has “qualified” you, “rescued” you, “redeemed” you and “forgiven” you (Col. 1:12-14). When you properly realize what God has done for you it can only end in thanksgiving and praise.