Cover 2019-09-22

Ron Writes

Guess Who I Saw at Church Today

A friend of Lynn’s was traveling with her college choir to sing in Plainview, Texas. For the first time she heard a song which is familiar to us now, but was brand new then. The song they were singing was, “have you seen Jesus my Lord, He’s here in plain view.” Her friend thought, “isn’t this wonderful, they have written their own song for their church.” She’s was amused later when she realized it wasn’t Plainview, but plain view.

Jesus is here! Jesus is the one person who most folks say they’d like to meet. He’s here! Haven’t you seen Him. He’s here in plain view. He’s here in the hug of that sweet friend who seems genuinely happy to see you. You can see Him in the smiles and hugs and kind words as folks mingle in the foyer. He’s the living Word who can be seen in the sacred words of the Bible as it’s read. He’ll be here in the songs that we sing too. Or course, He’s here listening to our prayers. He’s right there in front of you – don’t miss Him. He’s here in OC.

Introduce others to Jesus. Tell them of His greatness, His faithfulness, love, mercy and grace. Tell them with your words and show them with your life. Tell them what He’s done for you.

Introduce Him to your family. Let them know how much He means to you. Before you take your kids to the ballfield or school function. Before you go on vacation, take your kids to church. Let them know that He’s a priority. Let them see you set aside schedules and activities and work to be with the Lord in His house. Don’t let them miss seeing Jesus. If it’s cold, grab a coat; if you’re hungry, grab a snack; if you’re tired, go tired; if it’s raining, get wet – but make sure they get to church and meet Jesus. He’ll meet them here.

He’s here - first and foremost, I see Jesus in you!