Cover 2019-07-14

Ron Writes

Wild for Jesus

I’ve been stuck with an earworm all week long. Someone put in my brain the tune to “I’m Hooked on a Feeling,” but the words were “I’m Walking with Jesus.” Has anyone else had this happen after an ASBA skit? This has been happening to me during the summers for years. These musical skits have been the highlight of my summer Sundays for a lot of years. I am continually amazed at the amount of abilities and talents that are at this church.

In 1997, our VBS evolved into ASBA. One of the staples of VBS was skits. The skits along with the dialog came with the VBS kits from the publisher. The skits were okay, but my son Ryan thought we could do better so he asked if he could start writing the skits. Not only were “Johnny and Frankie” born, but all of a sudden the skits turned into musicals. They were wonderful. Week after week, Johnny, aka Kyle Murphy, tried to straighten out the bumbling Frankie aka Ryan Murphy. It always resulted in a song.

Ryan and Kyle are still at it. Scott Swalwell has been writing skits along with Ryan for some years now. They do an amazing job! The skits are clever, funny, outright hilarious, memorable and they do a great job of introducing the Bible lesson each week. The skit crew picks the theme for our ASBA every year and the lessons can usually be made to fit. They work hard every week to produce these fabulous skits.

Over the years, the acting cast has had a few turn-overs (I wish I had kept a master list of names, along with pictures). This year they have been joined by Lynn Haney, who grew up watching these skits. Also, last week I was pleased to see Dmitri Swalwell. There have also been cameo appearances from time to time by many of you. The sets have been fabulous, designed and built mostly by Allen Berreth for some time. I have preached surrounded by jungles (this year isn’t the first jungle – some of you might remember the year it looked like a plane had crashed into the building and the survivors were “Lost”), boats, a VW van, cars, forests, workshops, spaceships, you name it. Many sermons have begun with me explaining to visitors why there are strange things around the podium.

Those few who leave before Bible class just have no idea what they’re missing. To all our casts and crews – thanks for years of wonderful teaching — and the occasional earworm.