Cover 2019-06-16

Ron Writes

She Made Me Do It

The movement of Genesis 4 is fast. Cain and Abel offer sacrifices. God accepts Abel’s, but not Cain’s. Cain gets very angry. God tells Cain that if he obeys he’ll feel better. Cain kills Abel. Sacrifice - rejection – anger – murder – all in less than 10 verses.

Cain was self-absorbed. Cain’s sacrifice wasn’t by faith (Heb. 11:4). He gave God what he decided God wanted. Why even offer at all? Why bother? As a result of sin man becomes self-centered, not God-centered. Self is at the heart of all sin. The only thing important to Cain was not what God wanted, but what Cain wanted.

Why kill Abel? Why isn’t he upset with himself? Why not be mad at God? Why doesn’t he take God’s advice and determine to do better next time?

Why kill Abel? We can only conclude that in Cain’s mind, it was all Abel’s fault. What was going on in Cain’s mind? What did he tell himself? Self-talk is so important. Someone gets cut off in traffic and he says to himself, “that guy did that on purpose!” “The only reason he would do that is to get at me.” A potentially deadly case of “road-rage” ensues. It escapes their memory that they at times have inadvertently and innocently cut off others in traffic. But it’s all about them and in their mind they should be upset – it’s the other guy’s fault. Cain found it easier to blame Abel. He was wicked, but Abel was righteous (1 Jn. 3:12).

Tell yourself the truth about anger. There’s no necessary connection between the behavior of another and your anger. The abuser says, “she made me hit her.” It doesn’t matter how rude, unfair, or thoughtless someone has behaved toward you. You are angry because of your own self-centered, self-talk. When God punishes Cain, there’s no hint of sorrow or signs of repentance. He doesn’t show signs of remorse for Abel. The separation from God, who he never really cared about, would bring fear in Cain’s heart and would cause him to believe that everyone was out to get him. Self-centered self-talk is a killer that in the end destroys the sinner.