Cover 2019-06-09

Ron Writes

India Mission Report

A mission report from Kyle and Ben shouldn’t be too far off. I have been encouraged by the personal reports I’ve gotten from Kyle. For now, here are a few points I’ve gleaned from a letter sent by Anil, some Facebook comments and things reported by Kyle.

The Indian Christians were very encouraged. They feel a closer bond, not only to God, but also to the Christians here in Oregon City. You can see the excitement of the Indian brethren in the pictures posted (see Anil Kumar Mission on Facebook).

There have been missionaries who have visited them in the past, but none have been willing to live with them. Typically, a missionary will rent a motel or cottage, but the Indians were impressed with our young men’s willingness to stay with them. They were impressed that they would come to India in the extreme summer heat and stay, not for just a couple of days, but for nearly a month. They were also humbled by their willingness to adjust to their culture, climate, narrow gates, houses, huts and a number of inconveniences in order to serve. Kyle and Ben were overwhelmed by the welcome they received. They were treated like royalty. The children loved them and wanted to shake their hands and did often, again and again.

They went to congratulate the newly elected State Cabinet Minister, Rajasekhar Marri, and told him about the faith school. After hearing about Kyle and Ben’s mission to India, he said he should be the one honoring them, rather than them honoring him. Christians are a discriminated community in India, and the Minister pledged to encourage them from the government side.

Everyone is always encouraged by responses to the gospel and four, Vinnu, Bhanu, Sruthi, and Yesubatbu were all baptized into Christ. I don’t think either Ben or Kyle expected to preach as often as they did. They preached, taught and lead prayers everywhere they went. They taught in a VBS, assisted with a medical camp, taught school, preached at a preacher’s meeting and a host of other activities. Ben and Kyle were very encouraged by what they saw and participated in and the brethren in India were greatly strengthened.