Cover 2019-06-02

Ron Writes


The other day we stopped and got something to eat. We had barely left when a message came up on my phone asking me to fill out a survey about my experience. In our culture we are asked to evaluate and give our opinion on everything. Facebook is set up for us to critique and “like.” Many YouTube videos end with “please subscribe and like this video.” It could take a couple of hours each day just to answer all the surveys where I’m asked to evaluate and compare. Why does anyone even care about what I think of the pizza? TripAdvisor reminds me that I’m only two reviews away from the next badge. It gives you the impression that what I think is pretty important.

Social media gives everyone a voice and there’s no shortage of voices. Do you have an opinion? Shout it out. The world just waits to hear it, evaluate it, and give their critique.

Someone told me that they didn’t like my sermon. Did it mishandle the Word of God? Had I misrepresented God? No, they just didn’t like the message. If you want to critique a sermon, that’s alright, I’m sure I fall far short in many categories. However, it’s easy to take the next step and begin to critique God’s Word. It’s not up for evaluation. If some don’t believe, that doesn’t nullify the Word of God. Let God be found true, though every man a liar (Romans 3). In an overly opinionated society, many begin to believe that their opinion is just as valid as the Bible. Church is not a place where everyone has the same opinion, it’s the place where everyone shares the same conviction about God’s Word. Truth must be preached in love. In an overly sensitive culture, it’s easy to dismiss any message that hurts your feelings. Is the message true to God’s Word?

It reminds me of a story about a young woman who went to the Louvre. She said, “I don’t see what’s so great about these paintings.” Her guide responded, “it’s not the art that’s on trial, madame, it’s you.” God’s Word is not on trial – we are!