Cover 2019-05-05

Ron Writes

What is Your Worldview?

All of the headline moral controversies stem from different worldviews. For a Christian, our worldview begins with God. He is our creator. He has designed us with purpose. Christians believe in absolute truth.

For the atheist or agnostic, everything happens by undirected chance. We are just a bunch of random cells. Since you can’t get purpose or design from the material world, you must ultimately decide your own purpose.

This was the secular, pre-Christian worldview that ruled when the church was founded. In Greek philosophy, the flesh is evil. Only the mind can give you clarity. Thought is supreme. There is a dualism. On the one hand, you have the body, the physical that can be defined by science. It’s objective. But for the Greeks it was evil. On the other hand is the mind. The mind is the authentic self. The mind defines what is really real. Reality is what they think it is.

This dualism explains why abortion is acceptable to so many. Virtually everyone agrees that the baby in the womb is human – biologically, physiologically and genetically human. The core question is not is this a human, but is this human body a person? The reason that the pro-choice folks believe that it’s okay to abort virtually up to the birth of the child is their belief that only the mother has the right to decide if the baby is a person. The body has no purpose, no design, so it’s up to the mother to decide when and if it should be considered a person. In dualism the body is expendable, and can only be defined as a person and given legal standing if the mind of the mother deems it so. The mind trumps the body. Thought wins out.

This dualism is also seen in aspects of homosexuality. A person is born male or female. But in a secular worldview all that matters is if you think you are male or female. A person’s inner feelings are free to impose their own interpretations on the body. What a person thinks defines their reality (not the other way around).

Christianity is a holistic approach that unifies and respects the body and the mind. The body is given purpose and design by God that the mind can distort. Christianity is an effort to restore body and mind back to its God given purpose (Rom. 12:1-2). All human life is to respected as being in the image of God.