Cover 2019-04-28

Ron Writes

Sanctified Kindness

Sanctification is the process of becoming like Jesus. It’s spiritual growth. Christianity is all about being like Christ. For Christianity to be credible, we must look like Jesus. Sanctification is the process where the Holy Spirit, using God’s Word, transforms us into the likeness of Christ.

In Jesus’ ministry we witness His compassion and kindness toward others. One of the most remarkable examples of Jesus’ kindness is how He responded to lepers. Leprosy is scary. The OT branded those with leprosy as unclean. In the very first chapter of Mark, he tells us of an encounter Jesus had with a leper. The leper approached Jesus, which would be in violation of the law. However, Jesus touched him, also a violation of law. Why touch him? Doesn’t it make you a bit uncomfortable? How could Jesus be perfect and break God’s law? Because there was something the law was never supposed to supersede – our compassion and kindness toward others. Jesus was able to treat everyone with dignity because He realized that everyone was made in the image of God.

One of the greatest signs of spiritual maturity is our ability to show kindness to the disenfranchised, the minorities and those who might make us feel a bit uncomfortable. It’s so easy to mock and dehumanize those we disagree with - instead show kindness. There are so many who are hurting and wounded for us to practice on by showing kindness. Sanctified kindness allows us to show compassion rather than disdain to those who have been overcome by sin. Aren’t you glad that even when we were lost in sin, God treated us with compassion rather than with disdain? If we want to be like Him, we will do the same.

Solomon admonishes us “Do not let kindness and truth leave you” (Prov. 3:3). No doubt we place a huge emphasis on “truth.” We should. It’s reality. It will set you free. It should never leave us. It’s obvious. What should catch our attention is the fact that listed before truth is “kindness.” It’s kindness and truth. As we become more proficient with truth, we become confident to be loving, kind and respectful toward others. Sometimes people who have truth forget to be kind. Truth should never make us arrogant, it should always point us to be like God – full of compassion and kindness.