Cover 2019-04-14

Ron Writes

Another Family Sermon Series

Before I ever came to Oregon City, I had determined that I would preach lessons that built up families. To be up front, I needed help. The old adage rings true for me, that the one who learns the most in any class is the teacher. I needed to be a better husband and father so what better place to start than to do research for lessons on the family. The first audience for any sermon is the preacher.

Marriage was much harder than I had expected it to be. So I preached about marriage in hopes of becoming a better husband. Marriage and parenting have been common themes each spring. As the kids got older, there were series on parenting teens and challenges facing teens. Eventually, there were series on being an in-law and then grandparenting. Throughout the years I found that I wasn’t alone in my struggles, so there were continued lessons on marriage and parenting. Maybe someday in the future there will be a series on retirement. The problem with this discussion is that you might assume that I’m struggling with whatever I’m preaching about and that’s not necessarily true.

There’s a continuation between the last series and this new series. The resurrection of Jesus is the turning point for all history. The series on “Heaven and Earth and All Creation” hinges on the resurrection. Resurrection is what makes the new heaven and new earth possible. The resurrection is also about our redemption. The mission of the church and how we live each day must be shaped by the resurrection. Resurrection gives us hope in meeting challenges and overcoming them through Christ. Resurrection is an anchor to our souls that provides us stability in a culture that is constantly changing. Resurrection gives us hope as we look at “Challenges Facing the Christian Home.”