Cover 2019-04-07

Ron Writes

India Mission

Next month, Kyle Murphy and Ben Headrick will be going to India to assist Anil Kumar. It has been said that Indians are the most religious people in the world, regardless of what religion they embrace. However, most are eager to learn about Jesus!

Mission reports from around our brotherhood indicate that literally millions are becoming Christians in India. In India there are at least 100,000 congregations (some suggest it’s twice that number) of the Lord’s church.

Europe and North America were once the center for Christian growth. A shift of global proportions has taken place. The four areas of the world where Christianity is becoming the strongest is Southeast Asia, China, Africa and India. Millions are leaving their traditional religions and becoming believers in Christ. In India there is great dissatisfaction among the millions of Hindus who are living in hopelessness.

In the 1800s a movement began in America to return to the Bible, be just a Christian and restore the teachings of Jesus. In the heyday of this movement, some believe our brotherhood was baptizing an average of 900 people daily. This movement has lost its momentum in America, but not in India. Many in India are leaving their man-made denominations and are embracing the church of the New Testament. This is the history of the church where Anil serves. Claude Guild in the 1960s preached there and what was once a denomination embraced the Bible and left their creeds. Many in India are longing to hear the simple truth of God’s Word and respond to it.

One missionary described it like feeding fish in a pond. When you throw the food in the water it comes alive and churns with innumerable fish feasting. That’s a lot different than waiting and waiting for one fish to bite. This missionary reports that in 2018 their team baptized an average of 3,100 souls daily (not Bible studies set up or folks signing up for correspondence courses – but souls going down into the waters of baptism to be raised to walk in newness of life, forgiven and free from sin by the blood of Jesus). Praise God!