Cover 2019-03-31

Ron Writes


Last year at this time we were searching for a new associate minister. Steve Haney has stepped into this role in a marvelous way. As he waited on the Lord’s table and gave a table talk last Sunday, my wife Lynn and I commented to one another about how proud we were of his maturity and how quickly he has been establishing himself as a leader here in the church. He and Lynn have been very deliberate in fulfilling their role here. He has met with parents and is assisting them in making our teens’ Christian experience as meaningful and genuine as possible. He has arranged a teen retreat and a teen mission trip for this year. He has provided leadership and guidance, not only for our teens, but for our young adults as well. In addition to classes, devotionals, game nights, and the typical work of a youth minister, he has provided leadership in other areas. He and Lynn have stepped up to regularly provide dinner on our Wednesday nights. He’s a good song leader and is on the regular Wednesday night rotation, and along with Ryan helps us learn new songs at the Koine Connection. He was asked to be a member on an advisory committee for Camp Yamhill. This weekend he went to get certification for the ropes challenge courses at Camp Yamhill. He has been asked to direct a camp in the future, and will be at most of the camps at Yamhill this summer. He meets regularly at our monthly meeting of area ministers, and has been instrumental in getting the youth ministers to meet regularly. He is very capable in filling in at the pulpit when he is needed and this Spring, he will be joining me in our annual series on the home. We knew when we hired him we were getting a “twofer.” Lynn has been very active as we knew she would. I got an inside tip that she will be one of the new actors for our ASBA skits this summer. It’s not easy moving to a new ministry. Besides the obvious, moving to a new location, getting settled in to a new home, helping your children acclimate to a new area, there are the unknowns of how well you’ll be received by the church and how your talents can be best used. As we all continue to mature together, it will great to see how Steve matures even more as a minister to provide the motivation and stability a youth group needs.