Cover 2019-02-24

Ron Writes

Be An Encourager

  • “Secret Siblings” is a ministry to help us connect with others. Everyone is invited to participate.
  • On a table in the foyer there is a box of envelopes. There is an envelope for each member. Inside each envelope is the name of a man, woman or child from the directory listed on an index card. Along with our names are hints about things we like.
  • Pick an envelope. You can either pick one at random or find one with the name of a person you wish to encourage.
  • Now, do something encouraging for that person. It can be an encouraging note and/or a small gift or something unexpected. Whatever you feel would encourage this person. Be sure to pray for that person as well. If you learn something new about this person that is not on their card – please add that information. You can also find your own card and add information about yourself. Maybe you like cut flowers for your house or you need prayers for something specific in your life.
  • You can just sign things “SS” so the person knows they don’t have to reciprocate.
  • Birthdays, anniversaries or random recognized days (for example: June, 7, 2019 is “national donut day”) are good things to remember.
  • If you are leaving something on the table be sure it is well marked with the recipient’s name. If you see something there for someone, remind them that there’s something there.
  • On the outside of each envelope is the word “tally.” This is to keep track of who has or hasn’t received some kind of encouragement. So, after you have done something nice, add a mark “/” by the word tally so we’ll know who has received encouragement.
  • If you have any questions or need help with ideas, please see Jennie Reynolds.