Cover 2019-02-17

Ron Writes

Heaven & Earth and All Creation

Like any journey, there’s a beginning and there’s an end. The journey that we’re currently on in our sermon series is one that begins in creation and will end with the new creation. The story of the Bible is a journey from creation to the fall to redemption and will culminate with Christ’s return.

Our story is not separate from creation. We have been joined together from the beginning. God loves us, along with all that He has made and He intended for us to work together. Man would cultivate and keep his environment and the environment would take care of man. Creation is part of who we are. In the fall of man, we see not only the curse upon man, but also upon the earth itself (Gen. 3:16-19). Because of the violence and chaos, God sends a flood upon the earth. It’s worth noting, since it’s so easy to read over – the covenant God made with man after the flood, was also made with creation itself (Gen. 9:12ff).

When man does well, so does creation (Deut. 11:13-15). When we don’t live in harmony with God and one another, the land itself suffers (Hos. 4:1-3). Sin affects the environment. There’s an African proverb that says “when two bulls fight, the grass suffers.” Creation itself languishes and mourns waiting for our redemption (Rom. 8).

Jesus came as Lord of creation. He broke the curse. In His death we see our redemption. By His resurrection we see even more – we see our future. Death will not be the final destination. Death is the separation of soul and body, but in the resurrection there will be the reunion of the two (1 Cor. 15). We’ll have a new body, a resurrected one. We aren’t all that is renewed. There is the promise of a new creation, a new heaven and a new earth where we will dwell with God (Rev. 21-22). This is the bigger picture of the Biblical drama, one that includes creation, the fall, redemption and resurrection.

Praise God, we’re included in this journey. We have a beginning. We have experienced sin and redemption. And we eagerly wait for the final destination of our journey.