Cover 2019-01-27

Ministry with a Mission: Marriage Builders
Ministry Leaders: Ron & Lynn

The goal of our ministry is to help one another build stronger marriages. We want to invite you to our next series of group discussions based on the movie “Fireproof.”

Cover article

Is your marriage “Fireproof?” What does that mean? The movie “Fireproof” is the story of a firefighter and his wife whose marriage is on the brink of divorce … until they discover God’s design for their relationship.

Watch the Movie
Sunday, Feb. 10 – 3:00 pm
Daniel & Mei Lemarr’s House

Lessons from “Fireproof”
Using clips from the Fireproof movie, we will discuss relationship issues to strengthen our marriages.
Sundays beginning Feb. 17—3:00 pm
Daniel & Mei Lemarr’s House
Group Leaders: Ron & Lynn

Everyone is Welcome!
Sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the auditorium