Cover 2019-01-06

Ron Writes

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Most religions are merely ideas. Their sacred texts are filled with prayers, hymns, insights, guidelines for living and the occasional story.

Christianity is rooted in history. History tells us what happened. The Bible begins with creation and then tells the history of the Hebrew people. It’s the story of God calling Abraham by whom every nation would be blessed. History is not always what we want it to be – it is the reality of what happened. History is unalterable. Once it has happened, that’s it!

As the story is being told, an amazing thing happens in the Bible. A bigger story appears. Readers are told of a coming Messiah. Then he comes. The gospels give us four different camera angles of history. There are those history revisionists who try to rewrite history. All history has those who want to distort what happened. Yet, those who were there said he was crucified and rose on the third day. Jesus can’t be uncrucified or left in the tomb. The Book of Acts shows us how the first followers interpreted the story. They took the history to the whole world. It’s the story of good news.

Our own history can’t be relived. Things we have done can’t be undone. Consequences can’t be ignored. Words spoken can’t be unspoken. The bullet fired can’t be undone, so the horrible acts of our life can’t be rewritten. There are no “do overs.” This is no dress rehearsal for another story – this is the only life we get. But thanks be to God, the spiritual consequences can be forgiven. Our personal history can’t be rewritten, but it can be forgiven. We can have a second chance.

The Bible is more than a story – it’s an epic story! A story that takes over 1600 years to record. It’s a history told by about 40 different writers from a wide array of backgrounds. It’s one story. Bound up into one book. Closer examination reveals that the story is told using 66 shades of development. Christianity is grounded in history. It cannot be changed. It is solid enough to build our lives upon.