Cover 2018-12-30

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This... Part 2

We started last week to count all the many blessings we have shared this past year. Here are some things that come to mind for me:

Sermons this past year focused on Hebrews, “A Life Worth Living”; “Single Focus” our annual series on the home looked at being single; Ezekiel, “Stranger Things” and we just began a series “Discovering Jesus.” In addition to Ron and Steve Haney, we heard Justin Vandaveer, John Burnham and Ben Cook preach this year.

We have had numerous Bible classes on a variety of topics. Nearly every man was able to present at least one lesson, especially during our ASBA focusing on “Not of This World.”

During our ASBA this summer we also had a special mission project to help Simbarshe Gondo with some of his special needs in Zimbabwe.

Some milestones should be noted: Eduardo and Araceli Gandara celebrated 10 years of work with us; Grace Burnham celebrated her 106th birthday; and we welcomed the birth of Skylar Madison Kratz on Oct. 9;

(Oh no, I’m running out of space, I’ll have to use smaller type). Our building saw a number of improvements. We got new bulletin boards; a nursery upgrade; new paint downstairs along with refinished doors and new trim. New vertical blinds. The teacher supply room is going through a complete remodel. A project I was happy to oversee was the new terraced retaining wall that was accomplished by an army of you turning out on Saturdays over the summer. Our picture board continues to be updated and maintained; there have been numerous upgrades to our electronic systems; oh, no I feel I’m leaving some things out – there have been so many upgrades it’s hard to remember them all.

These big events were shuffled in among our many other regular activities, including: Backpack Buddies; Young @ Heart; Weekly ministries; an entire list of ladies activities; blood drive; Memorial Day Picnic (Eagle Fern Park); Game days; Parents Night Out; Adopt-a-family; Communication Nights; 5th Sunday singings; Trunk-or-treat; a large number of youth activities.

Did I mention what you remember best? Maybe not. We have been blessed in so many ways it’s easy to overlook a few. One thing is for sure – God has been good to us and we have been greatly blessed.

May God continue to bless us with another great year!