Cover 2018-12-23

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This….

It has been my custom at the end of every year to stop and count some of the many blessings God has given us. This will be the 32nd time to recount God’s blessings on OC! In reflecting over all these many years I’m reminded of several things. I’m reminded that “life is filled with swift transition.” I knew I’d get old, I just didn’t realize it would happen this soon. Life happens fast, enjoy today. Our lives have been stuffed full with rich memories. Most bring a smile, but a few cause us to shed a tear. Yet, through it all God has been faithful. Through it all God has been good. When we’re faced with struggles, as we sometimes are, remember that the God who has seen us through the past, will see us through the future.

The year began with the elders meeting with each member for a “Listening Campaign”. The elders tried to act in response to what we heard. We tried to provide more opportunities for us all to meet together at the same time: “Unity Sundays” happened on the first Sunday of every month there was 5 Sundays. “Koine Connection” is another opportunity for us all to meet together each month for a community building activity. The schedule was changed on Wednesdays to help more attend, including having dinner together each Wednesday. “Ministries with a Mission” are purposeful small groups that meet each week to fulfill an aspect of mission. Sunday nights were canceled and given a new time with a new direction. Some of these changes helped us fill an unmet need. Others might need to be revisited and adjusted as needed.

Our “Youth Minister” search was successful and resulted in the addition of the Haney family starting May 1st. We’re thankful for Steve’s work and the support he gets from Lynn and the joy we get from their children.

The church celebrated 75 years of faithful, continuous worship in OC. We’ve been blessed by our building for 50 years. We were thankful for our October celebration that included Ben Cook as our preacher that morning.

Continued next week...