Cover 2018-10-14

There’s A Friendly Church in Your Community

It is not an exclusive or wealthy church; in fact, everything about it is very simple. It is not its purpose to amuse or entertain those who attend its services. It exists simply as a body of Christians pointing those of its community to the Christ and God of the Bible. Its arms are open to those who would seek after God in simple worship and obedient living.

There isn’t much that is ready-made for you in this church. There is no readymade creed, except that everyone takes God’s word as his only rule of faith and practice.

This church represents no denomination. It is simply that church of which all denominations claim to be a part, the church of Christ, the church which Christ established upon the truth of his divine sonship, the church He purchased with his own blood. It exists to unite believers in Christ, and protests against the divisions which denominations reflect.

This church is an outward manifestation of the conviction that if we today will proclaim the simple message which was heralded by the church in the First Century; if we will worship God in the simple and sincere way in which they worshipped, and if we will serve with the humble and holy consecration that characterized its members, then the same result will be multiplied, souls will be saved, God will be glorified, and the name of Jesus Christ will be exalted in the hearts of all men.

If you like to worship God “in spirit and in truth,” if you enjoy thinking and meditating upon God’s word, if you appreciate the warm and genuine association of Christian people, then you will enjoy attending the services of this church in your community.

Where there’s more than a welcome & where God’s Word is the last word.

From Invitation Brochure used by James “Bobby” Brown
(OC minister, 1964-1970, 1976-1986)