Cover 2018-07-29

Ron Writes

Small but Mighty

Someone recently complimented my bulletin article (yea, I was shocked too). So, when someone sent me an article entitled, “Small, but Mighty” the thought immediately popped into my mind that it was talking about bulletin articles. It wasn’t, it was about the “tongue,” but that didn’t stop me from thinking about bulletin articles. I was hoping it was going to list all the overlooked benefits of bulletin articles. There are some pretty smart folks out there who could probably write such a piece.

A preacher who mentored me in my younger days encouraged me to write. He enjoyed the discipline it took to write complete thoughts, in a concise way, so it would fit within the constraints of the bulletin page. Some are master writers. Word smiths. They have ways of telling the story – brief and to the point. That’s the power of a good bulletin article (that unlike this particular one) – they are short and to the point. They can make an impact. They can be read and reread. The best article, just like the best sermon, is the needed one – the one that helps the reader in a personal way.

An elder friend of mine told me that their preacher doesn’t write bulletin articles. What??? I didn’t realize that was an option. I hate writing articles (who reads the bulletin anyway). Writing has never been one of my strong suits (I missed the day they taught grammar). It comes as a struggle to write, so it’s always pleasing and a bit surprising when someone says something nice about my bulletin articles. Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” (Prov. 16:24).

I always hope my articles teach and encourage. Sometimes they emphasize a point from the previous week’s sermon. Once, a friend said “I preached your bulletin article last week, thanks for the outline.” Other times, it’s a new subject or just a personal note. Sometimes one of my articles will end up in other bulletins. What a compliment. It’s a struggle, but I’ll keep writing. Who knows what impact a few words on the page might make in someone’s life.