Cover 2018-07-22

Ron Writes

Scars Tell a Story

Thomas wanted to see Jesus’s scars. Imagine – the resurrected body of Jesus had scars. It’s amazing. The resurrected body of Jesus allowed Him to enter rooms where the doors were shut and locked, but it still had scars. His body had changed in such a way that some had trouble recognizing Him, but it still had scars.

Scars tell a story. They tell us what happened on Friday. They speak of His suffering and death. They tell us he was human. He’s a great high priest who can sympathize with us.

Not all scars are visible. There are inner scars. He was tempted. His friend betrayed Him. It’s one thing to be stripped, mocked and tortured, but it’s another thing to have that witnessed by your mom.

Jesus’ scars tell a story of love, forgiveness and sacrifice.

There’s a story behind every scar. Jesus’ scars proved He was trustworthy. Jesus had predicted His own death and resurrection (Mk. 16:7). Jesus’ scars proved to Thomas that God keeps His promises. Jesus’ scars just underscored everything Thomas knew about Jesus. He had seen Him rescue prostitutes, befriend tax collectors, heal lepers, raise the dead – it just makes sense that Jesus would be resurrected.

God was gracious to Thomas. He let him touch Him and feel the scars.

Everyone has scars. They tell a story. Scars can reveal stories that are embarrassing and painful. Not all scars are physical. In the movie Jaws, they were sharing their horror stories. This one I got in the war. This scar was from a shark. Then one points to his heart. “By-pass surgery?” “No, Betty Sue, 7th grade – she broke my heart.” Some scars remind us that God was there to heal us, to see us through. Like Jesus, sometimes we need to share our scars. Sometimes we must be courageous and gracious enough to share our own scars, our story, to encourage those who are hurting with a similar wound that God is willing and able to heal.