Cover 2018-07-01

Ron Writes

Seeing the Big Picture

If you weren’t able to be here last Sunday, you missed a very insightful adult Bible class. One of the things I’ve always appreciated about this church is the number of men who are good Bible students. Jim Bradshaw is not only one of those fine students, but he’s also a good teacher.

The class was on the “Widow’s Mite.” Many of the observations were what you’d expect. He spoke about the specific story of extreme sacrifice by this widow. He pointed out the larger context the story illustrated with the abuse and arrogance of the Scribes in Jesus’ warning. But he then brought out the larger context that can be easily lost in telling the story.

In the larger context, this was during the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. Jesus knew what was ahead. He knew how this week would end. He had tried to prepare his disciples, but it was just too much for them to comprehend at the time. In just a couple of days, he would be put to death in the very cruel fashion of crucifixion. He would be abandoned by his friends. He would bear the sins of mankind upon himself. He would feel the darkness and the agony of being forsaken. He would be alone and in agony.

As Jim asked, if you knew your week was going to end this way, what would be on your mind? Would you be focusing on a poor widow woman? Would you even be concerned with anything that was going on in the temple? Unlike most of us, Jesus wasn’t totally focused on Himself and what was about to happen. His attention on this lowly widow woman wasn’t much different than his focus and attention on us. His love is beyond comprehension. God stops to notice us. He gives us His attention. Jesus shows us what God does because He is God. And, God is love. Oh, what love! Matchless love!