Cover 2018-06-03

Ron Writes


Another “All Summer Bible Adventure.” I know for a fact that this is the 32nd straight year we have had a VBS or an ASBA. So what’s the point? It’s more than just the decorations, skits and special activities. It’s all these combined to point us to God’s Word.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God. It is “God breathed.” We proclaim it as truth. We believe that it’s active and shaper than any two edged sword. So we handle it with care and proclaim it boldly in love. We ask the important question, “how does this apply to me?” It’s more than what we teach on Sunday, it’s what shapes our lives on Monday (and every day of the week).

It is sad that many churches don’t teach truth, but it shouldn’t shock us that the world outright rejects it. It can be tempting to compromise God’s truth. We will be labeled Bible thumpers, fundamentalists, narrow-minded, bigoted, or worse. So it’s especially important to have confidence in God’s Word. It’s important to instill its message in the hearts of our children. It’s worth the ridicule. It is the voice of God!

One of the ugly truths of God’s Word is that we’re not nice people. People by nature aren’t good and wonderful. The Bible declares that we are all sinners (Rom. 3:23). We’ve all missed the mark. We aren’t here because we’re better than everyone else. We don’t think we’re going to heaven because we’re pretty good people. We’re here because we believe the good news, the gospel. It’s the story of an all powerful Creator, who we will all stand before some day and give an account. We have all violated God’s standard of right and wrong. Without God’s intervention we will all feel His wrath. This same God is also a God of mercy, love, grace and hope. He sent Jesus to die as the perfect sacrifice for sin. We can repent and trust in Jesus and be saved from the wrath of God.

What a great God! The easy part is to worship Him. The hard thing is to be like Him. That’s what we’re called to be. To allow His spirit to live within us, direct us, shape us. We are to mimic His good works. We are to love His world as He does.

So why another ASBA? It points us to God. We see Him in His Word and apply it to our lives. We become more like Him daily as the fruit of the Spirit develops in our lives.

May God bless all who participate in this year’s ASBA!