Cover 2018-04-15

Ron Writes

Single Focus

Every year in the Spring, I have a family sermon series. I have addressed marriage many, many times from every angle I can imagine. I have talked about parenting. I even had a series on being a grandparent. One big aspect of family that I haven’t addressed is being single. Other than the tagline during a series on marriage, “and oh yea, this would apply to singles too,” I haven’t talked to or for singles. For one thing, it’s something I know very little about. If for no other reason, maybe this might be one of the biggest reasons to finally have a series addressed to singles.

50% of Americans are single. And the percentage goes up to 80% when we’re talking about those between the ages of 18 to 29. Most of these singles don’t go to church. If we’re going to be serious about reaching the lost with the gospel, we better understand what it means to be single and how to reach out, connect and encourage them.

There’s a good chance that someone on the row you’re sitting on at church is single. We have all been single. They come in all varieties. Some are single, but want to get married. Some are satisfied just where they are. Some have been married and are divorced. Some are single with children. Others are single because their mate has died. Not all singles are alike.

Jesus was single. Paul was single. Singles aren’t to be pitied. The ultimate goal in life is not marriage. We were all born single and we’ll all be single in heaven.

Please pray for me as I continue to develop these lessons. By the way, I feel obligated to say, while this series is addressed to singles, much of it will apply to the married as well.