Cover 2018-03-11

Ministries with a Mission

T O D A Y - 2:00 p.m.

As a result of the Listening Campaign, we are trying to establish small groups that have purpose or mission while building a stronger fellowship within those groups. It's our goal that every member be part of some ministry.

Some suggestions for "Ministries with a Mission" were offered by the elders when we revealed the results of the Listening Campaign. Today we will get the deacon’s input.

Here is what we'll try to accomplish this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. We want to identify "WHAT" WHO" "WHEN" and "WHERE" for a number of small groups.

To say "I'd like to work with someone, someday to accomplish something," will never accomplish anything. Someone is not in the directory. Someday is not on the calendar. Something never gets done.

Here is what we must identify:

WHAT: What will be the mission for a group (for example: make cards and write notes of encouragement)?

WHO: Which members would like to identify with this mission and meet regularly to accomplish it? And WHO will be responsible to lead the group.

WHEN: When will the group meet? It can meet any day of the week that is convenient for the majority of the group. We just need a day and a time.

WHERE: Where will the group meet? It can meet at one of the member's homes or at the church building or any other place that’s convenient.

In some cases there can be more than one group working on the same mission (for example: more than one group can make cards and write notes of encouragement).

It is our goal to publish a list of when and where these small groups will meet and what will be their mission. Along with this will be an invitation for any to attend and join these meetings.