Cover 2018-01-07

Ron Writes


The elders want to hear from YOU!

Beginning next week, we have scheduled a time for each of our members to meet with one of our elders and his wife. Your families are welcome.

Please check the schedule today. It would have been good if we were able to contact everyone for the best time to meet, but we couldn’t. We have made a schedule that we hope will work for most. If you can meet during the time we scheduled, then do nothing, but come. However, if it’s a bad time, merely write “Change” by your name and we will re-schedule. If you aren’t planning to participate, then please write “Can’t” by your name.

Everyone will be scheduled for one hour, but you can use more or less time if you need. You can also schedule a time to meet other than those posted. Our main goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone to give some input.

There will be an open agenda and you can communicate whatever’s on your heart. We’d also like to hear your insights on many things to help give us some better understanding. Do you have any insights into why our Sunday night services, TWO42 groups, and Wednesday night classes have been on a steady decline? Do you have insights into the ladies activities, our next associate preacher or future deacons and elders or ???? We will be here to listen.

David Young in his book New Day writes, “Jesus’ final command must be our first priority. Making disciples is the sole mission of Christ’s church. But many of us find it very difficult to remain focused on this mission – there are so many other things competing for our attention. As a result, many American denominations and fellowships are in decline. Some appear to be in a death spiral. Even the churches of Christ are losing members: 200 people leave the churches of Christ every week, and every week in America a church of Christ goes out of business forever. Is the sun setting on Christianity in the West?”

This is our time. This is our decisive moment. It’s up to each one of us! We want your insights in to where we go from here. How do we restore and maintain the fervency of Christ?