Cover 2017-12-17

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This…

How has God worked in your life this year? There have been so many blessings. At the end of every year, I like to pause and remember.

It was a year of beginnings. We were blessed with many babies: Tatum Kratz (1- 29), Bennett Smart (2-24), Deanna Lemarr (5-19), and Adriana Reynolds (11- 15) were all welcomed into our family.

Some spiritual new births as well: Hayden Murphy, Andrew Murphy, Ethan Reynolds, Shelby Cravens and Jason Gourneau were all baptized into Christ.

And we love marriage! Congratulations to the Bradshaws: Ethan & Karissa (6-1) and Allen & Kassie (8-12).

We welcomed Evelyn Anderson as well as Lary and Caryn Drake and are excited that Pat Steele is coming back.

In addition to Ron, we heard Josh Partlow, John Lemarr, Nathan Shank, Mike Shank, Jacob Moran, Jon Rawlings and John Jones proclaim God’s Word. We finished a sermon series on Luke, had a “Marriage Fixer Upper” series, and began a series on Hebrews.

There was “God’s Greatest Catch” (ASBA), a Congregational Planning Meeting, TWO42 small groups (“Communication” and “Overcoming”), Ladies activities (including hosting the Ladies Retreat at Yamhill – they were “Well Preserved”), Teacher’s Luncheon, camps at Yamhill, Memorial Day Picnic (Eagle Fern Park), Secret Sisters, Backpack Buddies, a new Ladies Bible Class began, the teens had hikes, rafting, TNT and various other activities. Lynn and I were thankful to celebrate 30 years of serving with you all (thanks for the party).

One page is never enough. There’s so much I had to leave out. What is your favorite memory of 2017? God is so good. His blessings overflow. We just need to pause, remember and give thanks.