Cover 2017-11-19

Ron Writes

Listening Campaign

The old joke is that two preachers were talking about their Sunday night services. One said, “we stopped having Sunday night services about two months ago.” “Oh” responded the other preacher, “and what do your members think about that?” The first preacher responded “they don’t know about it yet.” I’m sure I don’t have to explain the joke to you, but the implication is that no one was attending on Sunday night. Well, it’s not that bad here, but over half wouldn’t know if we stopped meeting, unless we told you. Attendance in our TWO42 groups has been just a bit better than when we meet on Sunday nights, but the numbers have gone down there too.

Where do we go from here?

The elders plan to listen to you. In January we will have a listening campaign. Over about 2-3 Sundays the elders will divide the church into three groups and each of the three elders will take a group. Then inviting one to two couples at a time, the elders will listen to your insights on a number of things. It’s more than whether we meet on Sunday nights or have small groups. It’s about exalting Christ and being the church He envisioned us to be. Christ has a revolutionary mission for His church. We must take it to heart! How do we restore and maintain the fervency of Christ?

David Young in his book New Day writes, “Jesus’ final command must be our first priority. Making disciples is the sole mission of Christ’s church. But many of us find it very difficult to remain focused on this mission – there are so many other things competing for our attention. As a result, many American denominations and fellowships are in decline. Some appear to be in a death spiral. Even the churches of Christ are losing members: 200 people leave the churches of Christ every week, and every week in America a church of Christ goes out of business forever. Is the sun setting on Christianity in the West?

This is our time. This is our decisive moment. Let us be determined to leave the church stronger and more vibrant because of the way we have chosen to live our lives and interact with one another. It’s up to each one of us!