Cover 2017-09-17

Ron Writes

A Hard Transition

Last Sunday, a statement was read from the elders regarding Nathan. It read in part, “In consideration for his health and family and in complete agreement with Nathan, we have given Nathan leave of all his responsibilities.” This is a sad and difficult transition. We all love Nathan, Ashley and Ethan and are thankful for the work they have accomplished here. The church will continue his salary for the next six months so he can focus on his health and family.

One question that was asked was “are we going to be hiring another associate minister?” The answer is yes, we will be starting an immediate search. You need to know that this won’t be an easy task. If you go to the Harding University Church Relations page on their website, you will find there are no men listed who are looking for churches to serve. On the other hand, there are 64 churches listed who are looking for either a youth, family or pulpit minister. Leaders within the church have been raising the alarm for a long time about the declining number of men seeking to do full-time ministry.

This is a big position to fill. We will be looking for someone who can relate to teens. We want someone who can work with parents of teens and help coordinate their efforts. In addition, he will need to be someone who connects well to his own peer group and builds up the young adults. It would be wonderful to find a man who is married and dedicated to building up his home. We will also be looking for someone who can fill in at the pulpit when needed. We want a man who can work well alongside the elders and deacons. This is such a multilayered job and it will take someone committed to it. Ministry can be very demanding. The person we hope to find will have to be someone who loves God with all his heart and is willing to sacrifice for Him.

When we think of all our wants, desires and expectations, it’s not hard to realize why there’s a shortage of workers. This won’t be easy.

We must also think of what he can expect from us. He will need financial security. He will need supportive workers. He will need our patience and encouragement. Be praying for this man and pray that we might be the church he needs in his life as well.