Cover 2017-08-27

Ron Writes


A Sermon Series
Starts Next Sunday
I was thinking about what to title this series. There are so many options. When I describe Hebrews with one word, it’s “Better.” The memory trick we use is “Hebrews better coffee.” Jesus is better. The Hebrew writer is addressing those who are apparently thinking of returning to Judaism, so he points out how Jesus is better. “Jesus is Better” would be a great title. “The Supremacy of Christ,” “The Superiority of Jesus Christ” or “Something Greater is Here” would also make great titles emphasizing the same idea.

Hebrews is often described as the “5th Gospel” because he tells us the story of Jesus. If there’s any need today, it’s to understand all we can about Jesus. In a world looking for a hero, people need to know that Jesus is “More than a Hero!” I thought “Looking to Jesus” or “Who are you Following?” would also make great titles.

The Hebrew writer also describes the life of faith we live. Christianity is a lifestyle. In that regard, the series could be called “A Life Worth Living.” It looks like the faith of some was beginning to waver, so maybe we could title it “Hanging on to Jesus.”

Another aspect of Hebrews is how the Old Law had passed away and became obsolete. A good title highlighting this might be “The End of the Story – Fulfilling the Old Testament” or “Shadow and Reality.”

Another exciting lesson in Hebrews deals with Jesus’ humanity. Jesus is God. But we know that he emptied Himself and took on flesh. He is in heaven as one who took on flesh and became our high priest. He can relate to both God and man, since He is both. He is “Our Man in Heaven.”

So, how do I title this series? Come next Sunday and find out as we begin to explore Hebrews together.