Cover 2017-07-23

Ron Writes

Who was Andrew?

Andrew is wonderful, but he wasn’t Peter. Peter was his brother. Peter had that strong personality. Peter was bold. Peter was the preacher on Pentecost where his powerful words had the audience pierced in their hearts. The first half of Acts could be called the “Acts of Peter.” Peter was amazing.

We don’t know a whole lot about Andrew. He never wrote a book of the Bible. We have no sermons he preached, no miracles he performed. In fact, his name only appears once in Acts. Two of the three times that his name comes up in John, he’s introduced as “Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother.” We don’t know a lot about Andrew, but we know that he brought his brother Peter to Jesus (Jn. 1:41).

Andrew was always bringing someone to Jesus. He brought his brother Peter. He brought a boy with his lunch. He joined Phillip in bringing some Greeks to Jesus.

Andrew is like most of us. He’s just an ordinary guy. There’s nothing courageous or great mentioned about him. He never walked on water. He never pulled a sword. He never stood out. There’s no great sin or failing associated with him either. He’s just an ordinary guy. That’s the beauty of Andrew. He’s just a faithful, regular guy. Andrew was used by God.

Often we focus on the skills, talents and abilities we don’t have. We wish we were more talented and stronger. We wish we were more capable. Some wish they were more popular. We might not be who we want to be, but we can learn from Andrew and use what we have. This is the simplicity of Christianity. God is not calling us to do what we can’t, He’s just asking us to use the talents and opportunities we do have for Him.

Andrew is my favorite. I wanted at least one of my kids to have his name: “Ryan Andrew.” I’m so glad that one of my grandkids is carrying his name. Andrew reminds us that we can all be used by God.